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6 thoughts on “ The Meaning Of A Word - Deas Vail - Deas Vail

  1. Growing Pains Deas Vail. Album Birds & Cages. Growing Pains Lyrics. What's a name When in the darkness we all look the same? Holding candles looking for the flame For the fire to chase the night away.
  2. Deas Vail Deas Vail (pronounced "day-us vayl") is an indie rock band, whose lyrics are influenced by their Christian faith, signed to Mono Vs Stereo label. The name "Deas Vail" is a combination of Latin and old French, roughly translated as "Humble servant of God." The band's third full-length album, "Deas .
  3. Oct 11,  · The Meaning Of A Word; Meeting In Doorways; Deas Vail has been around the bend a few times. With two full lengths, an EP, and a Split EP with Farewell Flight under their belts, Deas Vail is set to release their third Self-titled album October 11th. The self-titled release has that old feel of the band featuring time signature changes and tone.
  4. The phrase "Deas Vail" is a combination of Latin and old French which roughly translates to "Humble servant of God." Deas Vail also happens to be a band with a story to tell, and they're doing it .
  5. Deas Vail's lyrics are usually, quite spiritual when you dig into them. This song is about our separation from and longing for God. Instead of living in heaven with God, we're left on earth.
  6. Deas Vail song lyrics collection. Browse 73 lyrics and 14 Deas Vail albums. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. The Meaning of a Word: Standing Still: Deas Vail Albums. The Side Effect (EP) Deas Vail. Birds And Cages. White Lights. All The Houses Look The Same. Colapse.

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